JCPA Activities


We spread public awareness of correct knowledge regarding CPPs among consumers, educators, and the media.

Useful website content

We provide content for consumers, the Crop Protection Products Information Office(for the general public, educators, and specialists), etc. in an easy-to-read display format.

Useful website content

Media outreach

We hold information exchange sessions with food lifestyle journalists and members of the press.

Educator outreach

We hold seminars for home economics educators in charge of dietary education.

Consumer outreach

- Video broadcasting via our website

Consumer outreach

- Video gallery
We provide easy-to-understand videos explaining the roles and safety of CPPs and food safety.

- Crop protection technology innovation
We provide videos on global technology innovations from the past, and up into the future.

- Supplementing newspaper and news coverage

On our website, we list our views on news articles that were based on misunderstandings.

- Web news and social media advertising

- The "Thank You!" webzine(for the housewife audience)
"Things you should know about the process of growing delicious vegetables. A magazine covering female farmers."

- The "Post Seven" webzine(for business people)
"Residual agrochemical test onsite reporting. See how food safety and healthiness is ensured."

- News TV
"Are CPPs safe? Are they dangerous? Enjoy a healthy food lifestyle with correct food knowledge."


To individuals working in agriculture, we supply correct information about CPPs and promote correct understanding to ensure appropriate use.

Distribution of materials for promoting the appropriate use of CPPs, etc.

– "The Correct Way to Use Crop Protection Products" DVD and leaflet

-The DVD content is provided on the "To CPPs users" page on our website.
The leaflet is distributed free of charge to individuals and groups involved in plant protection. We supplied 190,000 leaflets in 2019 and 150,000 leaflets in 2020.

Distribution of materials for promoting the appropriate use of CPPs, etc.

– Frequently asked questions about CPPs

The content is listed on the "Teach me! CPP Q&A" page on our website.

– Resistance management of CPPs

We promote the needs of rotation pest control employing an RAC code.

– Resistance management of CPPs

Increasing correct CPP understanding

– Expert lecturer dispatch

We dispatch expert lecturers to training sessions for instruction on safe CPPs usage. We executed 206 dispatches in FY2019 and 106 dispatches in FY2020.

– CPPs telephone consulting

We take questions from CPPs users. We fielded 155 consultations in FY2019 and 251 consultations in FY2020.


– User seminars

We send instructors to requested locations like direct produce sale shops and hold seminars there on the appropriate usage of CPPs

– Request a seminar


Regulatory Activities

– We gather information concerning the various regulatory issues related to CPPs, consult with the jurisdictional government agencies, and strive for the actualization of robust agrochemical regulation.

International Cooperation

– We thoroughly implement notification towards and compliance by members regarding topics such as legal compliance issues concerning importing and exporting CPPs.
– We assess global trends and work towards the resolution of issues regarding important matters in Asian nations.