Date: 15 May 2024

JCPA Renames Organization to CropLife JAPAN

This is to announce that, from today, 15 May 2024, Japan Crop Protection Association (JCPA) will be rebranded and operate as CropLife JAPAN (CL Japan), responding to the increasing call-on to deal with a variety of global food and environmental challenges – climate change, biodiversity loss and food insecurity. CL Japan will continue playing a key role to develop solutions for more sustainable food systems in Japan and for the planet, which enhance the productivity of agriculture while reducing the environmental burden generated from agriculture in a compatible manner. CL Japan considers one of the key elements to achieve these goals is INNOVATION, including research & development of safer, more effective and eco-friendly active substances, which is a primary focus of Japan’s crop protection industry. The advocacy on the importance of crop protection is our priority. CL Japan will promote a broader range of crop protection measures, which not solely depends on chemicals but integrated pest management programs by utilizing bio-based products, application technologies and digital tools – collectively so-called smart agriculture. CL Japan is committed to contributing to the sustainability of global agriculture, expanding the ties up with the global CropLife network.

This Association is engaged in the following activities as a non-profit organization for the crop protection industry.

We spread public awareness of correct knowledge about the role and safety of crop protection products in food production.
We supply individuals working in agriculture with correct information regarding crop protection products and promote appropriate use.